Fuck means to fornicate, to have sex with, as in "I want to fuck her". It also has several other meanings:

  • When something is broken or worn out, it is 'fucked'.
  • As a general exclamation when annoyed, shocked, scared etc. ("Fuck me! What the fuck was that?")
  • When you don't care about something, i.e. you show no interest, you don't 'give a fuck'.
  • 'Fucker' is a word directed at someone you dislike or hate, in a similar way as 'bastard'. (e.g. "Shut up, fucker!") This is the same with the original word 'Fuck' (e.g. "You dumb fuck!") The phrase 'motherfucker' can also be used, and has the same meaning.
  • The phrase 'Fuck all' means 'nothing' (e.g "I've got fuck all to do" means "I've got absolutely nothing to do".)

Similar words and phrases:

  • Motherfucker
  • WTF
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